SNMP Managed Media Converter

The main contents of managed system is listed below :

  • Net manageable module
    It is the key-unit of the system , used to collect the relational information from the media converters installed in the chassis , and manage the functions of media converters . It has one general 10/100M RJ45 port and one general RS232 console port .
  • Full range of Longline manageable media converters or other manageable cards.
  • 17 slots rack-mounted chassis
    19 inch 1U rack-mount chassis , with 17 slots ,can support 1 pc Net manageable module and 16 pcs manageable media converters . Normally it will be installed in center ,so that the user can manage it easily . It has dual power supply ,support NMS function .The fans can be managed .
  • Manageable stand-alone media converters in remote end .
Ürün İsmi : SNMP Managed Media Converter
Ürün Tipi : Media Converter
Ürün Modeli : 10/100M Media Converter

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